In the 90’s, a few youngsters working in the advertising industry expressed themselves through making figurine. Their works arouse the attention from Japan and the western media and called their works “Designer Toys”. In the recent 20 years, the toys have been developed into artpieces and become a new stream of culture.

First in Asia

First ever designer toy show held in HK/Asia showcasing designer toy from around the world


To provide exposure opportunities to new local toy designer at affordable cost


To introduce designer toys to mass public in Hong Kong

Art Vinyl aka Designer Toy

Unlike licensed toys usually made after cartoon or animation. Designer toys are novelty toys and collectibles created by artists and designers,which they produce in limited editions. Artists use a variety of materials, such as ABS plastic, vinyl, wood, metal, latex, and resin.

Why Join Us?

Real-time information release from official channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Weibo etc.

Art piece made by designers will be exhibited for 1-2 weeks at D2 Place

Joint promotion with potential partners, Multi-channel publicizing from cooperated partners

Coverage by variety of media with PR support

Supported By

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Eric So
Eric So
D2 Place
D2 Place
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Venue – D2 Place

Cultural & Creativity Hub Favourite youth spot Ideal space for toy designer to show their masterpieces in such atmosphere Easy to access – MTR D2 exit

Participated Artists